[LINK] U.S. Plans for Cyber Warfare

Peter J. Cherny peterc@luddite.com.au
Sat, 15 Feb 2003 01:02:54 +1100

At 23:51 14/02/03 +1100, Viveka <listmail2@karmanaut.com> wrote:
>Source systems as well, via the compiler (GCC). I once heard an 
>address by the author of a widely used C compiler, describing how 
>he'd placed a backdoor (for himself) in such a way that it was 
>impossible to find it by reading the source code; the back door also 
>removed any traces of its presence. I forget exactly how it was 
>done, and can't find a reference to it - can anyone remember the >source
of this story?

Reflections on Trusting Trust
Ken Thompson