[LINK] U.S. Plans for Cyber Warfare

Adam Todd adam@todd.inoz.com
Sat, 15 Feb 2003 08:56:19 +1100

And people laughed at me some months ago when I suggested that Plasma and 
Digital TV (LCD type) might actually contain "pixels" that were in fact 
CCD's used for "viewing" the surrounds of the sets placement.

I wonder if Telstra's loan Plasma screens to Howard and Alston had "call 
home" features that allowed Telstra operatives to monitor the private 
going's on of Howard and Alston giving sensitive intelligence to Telstra to 
"tune" the marketing a little (lot)??

I wonder if both Howard and Alston's TV viewing was MONITORED by Telstra to 
see what they watched, when they watched it and gosh - how many people were 
in the room watching ...

Big Brother may be watching you!

>>>FYI ... U.S. Plans for Cyber Warfare 08:50 AM Feb. 07, 2003 PT...
>>>WASHINGTON -- President Bush has ordered the government to draw up
>>>guidelines for electronic attacks against enemy computer networks...
>>    Now who still believes that proprietary software from US suppliers is 
>> free of back doors and surveillance tools?  When Microsoft rummages 
>> around your computer in the process of "installing a live update" I 
>> wonder what else it might do?  I can't imagine the US National Security 
>> Agency hasn't been to see Microsoft, Symantec, ZoneLabs and other 
>> suppliers of widely used "free" software.
>They'd be mad not to, given their objectives and terms of reference.
>Here's a section (excised, but then leaked) from the Walsh Report (Review 
>of Policy relating to Encryption Technologies), prepared in 1996 by the 
>Australian Attorney-General's Department but suppressed prior to public 
>>>6.2.10.      The opportunity may present itself to the AFP, NCA or ASIO 
>>>to alter software located in premises used by subjects of intensive 
>>>investigation or destined to be located in those premises. The software 
>>>(or more rarely the hardware) may relate to communication, data storage, 
>>>encoding, encryption or publishing devices. While some modifications may 
>>>have the effect of creating a listening device which may be remotely 
>>>monitored by means of the telecommunications service, for which purposes 
>>>extant warranting provisions would provide, others may create an 
>>>intelligent memory, a permanent set of commands not specified in the 
>>>program written by the manufacturer or a remote switching device with a 
>>>capacity to issue commands at request. The cooperation of manufacturers 
>>>or suppliers may sometimes be obtained by agencies. When manufacturers 
>>>or suppliers are satisfied the modification has no discernible effect on