[LINK] Defect assessment study demonstrates superiority of open source / peer viewed software

Rick Welykochy rick@praxis.com.au
Sun, 16 Feb 2003 16:24:09 +1100

Feb 12,2003

  Reasoning Inc. announced that it is making available a study that reports that
  the TCP/IP protocol stack implementation in version 2.4.19 of the open source
  Linux kernel has fewer defects than the TCP/IP protocol stacks of several
  commercial equivalents. The study by Reasoning is the first published comparison
  of code defect assessment of an open source software application versus equivalent
  commercial software applications. The white paper can be obtained free-of-charge,
  here [http://www.reasoning.com/downloads/opensource.html]
  (free registration required).


  "Proponents of open source software have long argued that open source software is
  as or more robust than commercial software," said Reasoning President & CEO Scott
  Trappe. "Having inspected hundreds of commercial applications, Reasoning can provide
  direct evidence to support their claim. We are pleased to be able to provide scientific
  data, adding to the intelligent discourse on best practices within software development
  and how to produce better quality software."

  Studies have long shown that source code inspection is the most effective technique for
  improving software quality. New programming methodologies such as Extreme Programming
  codify this by having two programmers write each line of code together. 



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