[LINK] {OT} Walk against War - sunday in sydney

Robin Whittle rw@firstpr.com.au
Sun, 16 Feb 2003 22:55:46 +1100

Grant Bayley wrote:

> Or to put all this rather more bluntly, I pity you all for thinking 
> that by taking a back seat in these world matters, you'll secure some 
> sort of "peace" by avoiding the use of the one language that dictators 
> like Saddam Hussein and Kim Jong Il understand - force.  You might, 
> but it won't last long.  History assures us of that.

Why do you think that the USA, the wealthy Western nation and the UN
should focus on these dictators while the USA and Israel systematically
starve, terrorise and traumatise the Palestinians?



What's the proverb about getting a log out of your own eye first?   Why
should any Muslim in particular, or anyone at all, think that the USA is
genuinely interested in saving people from oppressive regimes when it
bankrolls Israel and protects it from UN pressure?  

Worse still, Israel and the USA are democracies, so its a bit rich us
democracies claiming we are a superior way of running  a country, when
we tolerate or support decades of oppression of the Palestinians?

I certainly agree that the UN should be in the business of saving the
people of Iraq and North Korea, but it seems pointless to tackle these
really hard nuts, where the leaders hide behind millions of people as
shields, whilst at the same time refusing to do anything substantial
about Israel.  Israel is a rogue state, with - according to one account
- 100 nuclear weapons.   It has a lousy record of caring for those it
does not like in its neighbouring country.  It invades and oppresses and
pretends that the Palestinians should be happy with a rabbit-warren of
disconnected territories, interspersed between fortified permanent
Jewish settlements.

Israel's neighbours and some of the Palestinians haven't been angelic
either - but that's no reason to support or tolerate Israel's attempt to
box up the whole Palestinian population in tiny disconnected remnants of
their homeland as if this is what they need to feel secure and

   - Robin