[LINK] {OT} Walk against War - sunday in sydney

Robin Whittle rw@firstpr.com.au
Mon, 17 Feb 2003 00:05:42 +1100

There's no doubt in my mind that religious / racist / nationalistic
fanatics amongst the Jews and the Palestinians are contributing
enormously to the current situation, and that those fanatics would only
be happy if the other religion / race was eliminated from the Earth, or
at least from the land which each claims as Israel or Palestine.  But
these are a subset of both populations, probably with a disproportionate
influence on the leadership, just as religious fanatics hold
disproportionate sway in Washington.

The actions of those subsets does not at all justify locking up,
starving, traumatising and killing an entire people - Jews or
Palestinians.   Nor does it justify Israel or anyone else expecting the
Palestinians to be happy with a rabbit-warren of a subset of the 40% of
what was Palestine as their lasting, independent, happy, secure

Have you seen the map Grant?   


I think that map - along with more details fo the the settlements and
the way Israel takes land, water and pretty much everything else from
the Palestinians for the benefit of Jews - should be shown on telly
every time the Palestinian crisis is mentioned.  The Islamic world knows
all about it.  So should the Western world and in particular the people
of the USA.   But I had never seen such a map until The Age published it
in September last year.  It proves beyond question that Israel wishes to
corral the Palestinians forever in a scattered subset of their own
lands.  This is the only possible explanation for the dozens of
fortified permanent settlements, even if you thought that the current
control zones were temporary.

However aggressive a subset of Palestinians are does not justify all
Palestinians being herded into what is virtually a concentration camp
for decades, whilst pretending that this is a fair and lasting solution
they can build their own peaceful country from.

While bin Laden or his facsimile no-doubt cares little for the
Palestinians, just as he complains about the liberation of East Timor
from Indonesian rule, he uses the huge, pent-up, frustration many
Muslims feel against the West to raise his terrorists.  Not all that
resentment is to do with Palestine, but that is the most glaring example
I can think of where the West tolerates and finances oppression of a
people, who happen to be largely Muslim.   Can anyone imagine this
continuing, with US support and the rest of the Western nations fussing
over it, but not insisting on any change, if the Palestinians were

The best thing the USA, the UN or Australia could do to reduce the
threat of terrorism against the West would be to force Israel into
treating the Palestinians properly.  I think this would vastly reduce
the frustration which drives young Palestinians to suicide mass murder.

We should be protecting the Palestinians anyway, irrespective of
terrorism or how much easier it will make it to then tackle Iraq and
North Korea.  Terrorism, so far, is a minor thing compared to the
suffering of the Palestinians.  To my understanding, the death toll from
all Palestinian terrorism against Jews, plus all the terrorist acts
against the West, does not add up to the death toll from the Israeli
state terrorism of the entire Palestinian people.

  - Robin