[LINK] {OT} Walk against War - sunday in sydney

felipe rodriquez felipe@xs4all.nl
Mon, 17 Feb 2003 06:54:00 +1100

Hi all,

> To me the problem is that Bush and his crew have taken their 
> eyes off the ball.
> They should be prosecuting the abortive 'War against Terrorism'. 

Bush and his crew have been planning this war in Iraq for a while. In
1998 a letter was sent to president Clinton, suggesting Saddam should be

Find the letter here:

The letter was signed by:

Donald Rumsfeld - secretary of defence
Paul Wolfowitz  - deputy secretary of defence
Richard L. Armitage - deputy secretary of state
Robert B. Zoellick - US trade representative
Paula J. Dobriansky - Under Secretary Global Affairs

A war against Iraq was always going to happen with these people now in


	Felipe Rodriquez