[LINK] Censorship Issues..

Bob Bain bobb@soxkat.com
Mon, 17 Feb 2003 09:11:58 +1100

On Sun, 16 Feb 2003 12:59:04 +1000, Anne Moffat wrote:

>i agree with the others who have replied to this thread. i usually now just
>trash your posts without reading.

 I answered this privately.  You have almost certainly trashed it
without reading.  As stated it is my belief that the failure to listen
to or understand (or at least attempt to understand) the points of
view of others is the root cause of war and hate.

>the result of setting up widespread cctv in cities was very well described
>in the abc rn's program yesterday at 5.30 pm. 'street stories'. if you
>didn't hear it, get a transcript from the abc.

 As mentioned the issue wasn't cctiv in the cities but the marketing
of voyeur related material which involves the privacy of others.

 I am seeking intelligent discussion and opinions from the allegedly
educated and thinking classes.

>peace & love

 As I mentioned in private email "not in our lifetime" (if ever).

 Intolerance and the implied hatred is the cause of anguish in our
world.  The failure to understand the points of view of others lies at
the core of censorship...

Bob Bain
Sydney Australia