[LINK] Masters of War

Bob.Smart@csiro.au Bob.Smart@csiro.au
Mon, 17 Feb 2003 09:42:39 +1100

Also from the 60s, Tom Lehrer:

 Might makes right, 
 Until they've seen the light,
 They've got to be protected,
 All their rights respected,
 Til someone we like can be elected

To me it seems obvious that the war is
just an old fashioned 19th century grab
for resources. The Americans have stuffed
up their efforts to escape from dependence
on oil, largely because of the efforts
of oil industry folks like those now in
power. Now they're worried as their 
economy is increasingly dependant on
Middle East oil. 

So what gets me is the high seriousness
with which the media take the WMD story.
"Insiders" just talked WMD throughout. The
nearest we got to any dissent was when
Annabel Crabb pointed out the obvious fact
that the WMD line didn't make sense: Iraq
wasn't a serious threat, certainly to US/UK,
and if it was North Korea was a worse one.

Perhaps the media thinks that the only way
it can treat the neo-colonialism line is
with moral outrage. But there are other
issues that might get a reaction from our
more hard-headed citizens. Like how come
Turkey gets $11 billion (+$20 billion loan
guarantee) for letting America use its 
territory, while we get nothing for fighting
and dying?