[LINK] Censorship Issues..

Bob Bain bobb@soxkat.com
Mon, 17 Feb 2003 11:13:28 +1100

On Mon, 17 Feb 2003 10:35:13 +1100, I wrote in response to Howard

>>OK, how much of this voyeur material is genuine breach of privacy and how
>>much is staged?  I don't know, and I doubt that you do, Bob, but I would
>>bet that most of it does fall into the second category.  Frankly it
>>doesn't turn me on in the least, it has a very limited market (and I
>>disagree with your definition of "openly"),



Welcome to the 100% Free Project Voyeur Website.Inside you will find
1000's of submitted amateur and voyeur photos.  We receive approx
400,000 visitors every day.


 Four hundred thousand visitors a day.  Mutltiply by the number of
days in the year and then multiply by an unknown quanity of similar
sites add the plethora of such material (illegally) on sale in Sydney
outlets and that's a very lage market indeed....


 Further discussions will take place with detectives of the New South
Wales police force, politicians and persons trained in legal matters

Bob Bain
Sydney Australia