[LINK] RFI: Help re SPAM Privacy Laws

Eric Scheid eric.scheid@ironclad.net.au
Mon, 17 Feb 2003 16:17:57 +1100

On 17/2/03 3:28 PM, "Roger Clarke" <Roger.Clarke@xamax.com.au> wrote:

>> My letter to this company was to offer the opportunity to
>> service this company to supply a product that was stated in the ad
>> for the potential employee.
>> This company came back in an email address saying that we are not
>> allowed to do this and that they will be redirecting this kind of
>> email to appropriate authorities including ORB.

> As I understand it, the email-address you sent to is that of a
> company.  If so, then the privacy laws aren't in play, because the
> data of a company is not covered under privacy law.

[snip rightfully earned slap on wrist for spamming]

A related question is: is the spammed company permitted to disclose private
details (eg. the spammer's email address) to a third party (eg. ORBS)?

What about other unsolicited emails (eg. could a govt dept disclose your
address if you send an unsolicited comment regarding the accessibility of
their website)?