[LINK] Censorship, protest marches, OT & this list

Bob Bain bobb@soxkat.com
Mon, 17 Feb 2003 18:48:19 +1100

On Mon, 17 Feb 2003 11:32:44 +1100 (EST), Howard Lowndes wrote:

>I am fairly ambivalent about cigarette advertising, probably because I am 
>immune to most forms of advertising.

 That's not what the advertiser's believe.  As I understand it most
successful advertising is usually subliminal.  Subliminal advertising
is often quite difficult to identify unless it's pointed out to a
potential consumer.

 You are not immune to advertising.  You, like the rest of society,
simply believe you are.

>I disagree.  Of all of the legal and illicit uses of legal and illicit
>drugs, smoking, whether it be tobacco, cannabis, crack or whatever I find
>to be the most objectionable, simply because it has the potential to have
>a physical impact on others within the immediate vicinity, whereas abuse
>of alcohol, caffine, heroin, thinners (to some extent) only has a physical

 Alcohol and hallucitory drugs kill because they impair judgement of
those controlling (or attempting to control) motor vehicles.  I once
raised this in another list (or BBS "echo" -  I can't remember now -
I've posted so much over the years I've lost track) believing alcohol
to be relatively harmless only to discover the person I was addressing
regularly attended the courts to witness those prosecuted on drink
driving offences. 

  He didn't consider it harmless at all.

  I believe one of his children may have been injured as the result of
some alcohol related traffic accident.

 People who smoke in cars rarely cause death or tragedy.  Those using
other drugs can and do have their judgement impaired.

>>  Some of it was arguably "hard core" with cigarette burns applied to
>> male genitalia..

>...and they were stupid enough to allow it to happen?  Dickheads in more 
>than one sense.

 They are called "masochists".  They permit such things to be done to
them in the name of pleasure.  From my understanding it's normally
done in a conrtrolled environment with "code words" and mutual
agreement.  It's pefectly legal in tolerant societies.

 I have no problems with that..

 And in 99% of cases it's consensual...

Bob Bain
Sydney Australia