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Ash Nallawalla nospam@crm911.com
Tue, 18 Feb 2003 00:52:48 +1100

> From: Russell Ashdown

> What I would like to ask Linkers is this:  Is it acceptable 
> to have the private credit card accounts of Australian
> residents available online in a foreign country to be
> scrutinised by nationals of that country and 
> outside of the laws of this country?

Yes, it's fine.  No different from letting the student waiter in your
local Indian restaurant skimming your card and sending the details
somewhere.  This happened a few days ago and was reported on TV and the
papers.  You would still be able to take Amex to court in Australia if
something went wrong.

> Further, what of the ethics of companies such as Amex if they are 
> instructing their foreign employees to lie to their Australian 
> customers about their whereabouts?  

Who knows what the official policy is.  The main point is that Amex's
Privacy policy clearly says at:

"When we may disclose your personal information

Generally, we may disclose personal information about you in the
following circumstances:

where we have contracted an external organisation to provide us with
support services. This may include but is not limited to processing
applications or orders, marketing support, deliveries, market research
and debt collection. These service providers may be within or outside
Australia; "

> And finally, what protections that would normally be available to 
> Australian citizens with regard to privacy, credit and other legal 
> considerations would be circumvented where the database is wholly 
> or partially located offshore?

Whatever it says in the application form you filled out and as amended
in the updates Amex mails us from time to time.  Amex Australia isn't
the only "Aussie" company whose data is stored offshore.

- Ash