[LINK] {OT} Walk against War - sunday in sydney

Jan Whitaker jwhit@melbpc.org.au
Tue, 18 Feb 2003 08:18:43 +1100

At 04:44 PM 17/02/03 +1100, Grant Bayley wrote:
>Let me guess - it begins with 400,000 dictating what they think
>the national position in relation to world affairs should be to
>the other ~19,400,000?
>(ABS says that current population in Australia is ~19,829,000.
>Australians of voting age ~13,800,000.)
>Where does it end, Damien?

Is that figure more or less credible than the 4-5 conservative talk-back 
callers that Howard normally considers the 'main stream'?


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