[LINK] List scope and behavior was - Walk against War - sunday in sydney

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Tue, 18 Feb 2003 10:34:47 +1100

Hi Tony,

I missed your comment, but was thinking of asking something along the
same lines. Below are some relevant extracts of an email to another

>          This first-hand report of the demonstration was written by Peter
> Dobkin Hall, now at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, and
> formerly the founding director of the Program on Non-Profit Organizations
> (PONPO) at Yale.


> >Though I'm generally skeptical of the claims of techno-utopians about the
> >political potential of the new technology and have tended to agree with
> >critics like Skocpol and Putnam directed against the faux membership
> >organizations that  now dominate national interest politics, this event
> >has given me reason to  re-think these positions. Obviously technology has
> >limits.  Obviously nonprofit advocacy has its flaws. At the same time,
> >there may be new formations emerging in public life involving voluntary
> >groups and the uses of technology that warrant our attention.


Antony Barry wrote:
> I might also try to bring some topical focus into the debate. My
> comment that the scope and coordination in the demonstrations was
> likely to have been done via the internet was an attempt to do this.
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