[LINK] RFI: Help re SPAM Privacy Laws

Craig Sanders cas@taz.net.au
Tue, 18 Feb 2003 15:11:59 +1100

On Mon, Feb 17, 2003 at 07:53:10PM +1100, Adam Todd wrote:
> At 18:37 17/02/03 +1100, Stilgherrian wrote:
> What if instead of sending an e-mail they made a phone call?  Would that be 
> SPAM?  

it would be "phone-spam" aka telemarketing.

the main difference between it an email spam is that the caller actually
pays for the cost of the call.  it's still bloody annoying.

> >Now before the people who don't take their tablets regularly start 
> >claiming I'm some sort of apologist for spammers, let me reassure them 
> >that I get annoyed with unwanted email messages too. Particularly if 
> >they're promoting the unlikely enlargement of body parts I don't even 
> >possess, business services that I can't possibly use because I'm not 
> >American, or riches beyond my wildest dreams.
> But you can be sure that your Penis Enlarger SPAM isn't just sent to you 
> personally.  

you mean something like this?

   Dear Adam,

   would you like to buy a penis enlarger?  detailed analysis of your
   mailing list postings has led me to believe that you might need one.

   please send $49.99 if you want one.  
   this is a once-only special offer.  if i don't hear back from you,
   i'll send it to you again every day.  i hope you don't mind but i've
   also given your details to an associate who will be contacting you
   shortly about breast enlargement pills.

"personalisation" is just a way for marketing jerks to add insult to the
injury.  personally, i find it really creepy if complete strangers start
taking liberties and pretending to an intimacy or personal acquaintaince
that simply doesn't exist.

> > If it was along the lines of "Hi, I saw your advert and noticed that
> > you use Software Package X for Windows. I happen to supply that, so
> > if you ever need more copies please get in touch. Orv if you like, I
> > can email you our catalog?" then I'd consider that a reasonable
> > approach. Here's a business which has noticed what I do and has
> > communicated with me individually.
> Gosh and might even become a customer!  NETWORKING people!

and no need to give a damn about the thousands of people you've pissed
off, right?  after all, you've NETWORKED!  and maybe even found a
customer!  that excuses everything.


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