[LINK] {OT} Walk against War - sunday in sydney

Bill D'Arcy billd@lisp.com.au
Tue, 18 Feb 2003 15:45:41 +1100 (EST)

Grant Bayley wrote:
>Well, I'll end my participation in this thread by pointing at Mark Hughes'
>post yesterday.  It sums up my displeasure at hearing 400,000 slightly
>different versions of the one inarticulate statement.

Alas, I was the one holding aloft the version that said, Howard/Off your
knees/ Wash your mouth out/And bugger off. I deeply regret this, offering
by way of feeble excuse my education at the hands of the Jesuits. I had
been trying to say, in my own inarticulate way, that for Howard the time
for prayer was over and that with clean breath he should tell all these
Sunday afternoon protesting types that he knew best. Instead, it became a
message of mirth among the leather, chains and spike-haired mob; a
blush-making declaration for grandmas; a proclamation of anxiety for the
Double Bay twin set and pearls brigade who spent the afternoon attempting
to explain to little Sarah and Sam what it meant, and an invitation for a
bus driver to honk his horn so long that I feared his arrest. My friend,
Miss Emily of the Cloisters, draped herself in the sensible words, No lives
for oil, which to me is an obvious sentiment under any circumstances. But
no. It, too, it seems, has other meanings. I agree with Grant that we
should all stay home lest we be misunderstood.

Bill D'Arcy