Transborder privacy control [was: [LINK] Mumbai Jumbo]

Adam Todd
Tue, 18 Feb 2003 17:12:42 +1100

At 14:13 18/02/03 +1000, Chirgwin, Richard wrote:
>Stephen - transparacy is important, however. If Amex declines to explain how
>privacy is protected through its outsourcing chain, then that transparency
>doesn't exist.

Just a curiosity, if Transparency means "to see right through" as for 
example Glass is Transparent and you see right through it, doesn't that 
mean Government Agencies and such that claim to delivery better 
Transparency to society are in fact doing that by hiding all the bits they 
don't want you to see?

Afterall, if from you're eyes to the tree, there was something transparent, 
you'd see the tree and not the glass, however if it were opaque and you had 
to work through the matter to the other side to see the tree, then it's 
more visible to you to see everything between you and the result.

I think we've been conned, but please, enlighten me as to the correct use 
of the term "transparency."