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Mark Hughes effectivebusiness@applications.com.au
Wed, 19 Feb 2003 01:12:42 +1100

> And last 50 years of US foreign policy clearly indicate that
> the US should not be leading the attack - none of their supposed
> "liberating" wars have actually worked for the locals.

Yes, I was particularly offended by the US's attitude to the citizens of

There was good ol' Slobodan Milosovich practicing 'ethnic cleansing' of the
Muslims (who were 90% of the population) in Kosovo.

But the governments of Europe had the good judgement not to interfere to
stop the mass executions.  Even though it was all happening in Europe -
their backyard - and not in "some place a very long way away from us which
we're having problems finding in our primary school atlas".

And the Muslim countries of the world made the same decision - they weren't
going to get sucked into some problem that didn't affect them, just because
it was a large group of Muslim civilians getting exterminated in Kosovo.
The fact that all those other Muslim countries had the military wherewithal
to do something about it (luckily they all have damn big armies 'cause they
don't fritter their tax and petrodollars away on frivolous stuff like health
and education) didn't lead them into making the dumb decision to either
co-ordinate a coalition of countries themselves to stop the problem, or
pressure the UN to stop talking and start acting.

No, it was those gooses the US (aided a bit by their 'fellow travellers',
the UK) who made the dumb decision to interfere in someone else's genocide
that really didn't concern them, and they used their military muscle to
force Slobodan to stop.

Yep, the US military intervention in Kosovo led to an end to the genocide
there, and to Slobodan Milosovich ending up on trial for war crimes in the
Hague.  I sure hope that sort of outcome doesn't occur in Iraq!

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