OFF TOPIC: RE: [LINK] Walk against War - sunday in sydney

felipe rodriquez
Wed, 19 Feb 2003 09:23:35 +1100


> Yes, I was particularly offended by the US's attitude to the 
> citizens of Kosovo.
> There was good ol' Slobodan Milosovich practicing 'ethnic 
> cleansing' of the Muslims (who were 90% of the population) in Kosovo.

The ethnic composition of Kosovo consisted of ~82% Albanians, Muslims
only formed a small minority of the population. You're confusing Kosovo
with Bosnia Herzegovina, where 44% of the population is Muslim, and
thousands of Muslims where butchered or put in concentration camps by
radical Serbs. 

> But the governments of Europe had the good judgement not to 
> interfere to stop the mass executions. 

Most European nations, under Nato mandate, ended up having troops in
Bosnia, under a UN mandate. In 1995/1996, a NATO-led international
peacekeeping force, IFOR, of 60,000 troops served in Bosnia to implement
and monitor the military aspects of the agreement.

Despite this people got butchered. One sad example was the town of
Srebrenica, where 7000 Muslim men and boys where killed by Serbs. Dutch
troops were assigned to safeguard civilians in Srebrenica but they
failed this mission miserably and eventually handed over victims to the
Serb military. 
> No, it was those gooses the US (aided a bit by their 'fellow 
> travellers', the UK) who made the dumb decision to interfere 
> in someone else's genocide that really didn't concern them, 
> and they used their military muscle to force Slobodan to stop.

The US only intervened in the conflict militarily in the last years, and
only in Kosovo, when the impotence of the UN had become obvious. By then
thousands of muslims in Bosnia had already been butchered. 


	Felipe Rodriquez