[LINK] Apparently useless Mac Software

Dr. Bob Jansen Bob.Jansen@turtlelane.com.au
Wed, 19 Feb 2003 09:37:14 +1100

We have been developing with Realbasic for some years now. It is a 
good product and is steadily growing in capabilities. There is an 
active community of developers adding new classes to the product, 
most available free.

As for comparisons with Visual Basic, I think VB is more of an 
Applescript thingy, able to drive almost any Microsoft application, 
whereas RealBasic really is an IDE for developing Basic programs.

RB compiles for Mac OS (pre-X), Mac OS X, Windows 95 - XP. I haven't 
tried the Java thingy yet.

The usual cross platform issues apply, you must understand the 
difference between a Mac GUI and a Windows GUI to get the thing to 
work right in either environment.

We're very happy with it (Tony's family connection not withstanding :-) )


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