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"Jas Przychodzen/CoM" <Jas.Przychodzen@marion.sa.gov.au> to privacy list:
>A very, very good article discussing "Reputation management" ...

Reputation was initially an e-community concept, before it was 
co-opted by marketing interests.  I'm really not sure where the 
cyberculture community is hiding these days, so I've lost track of 
the intellectual thread.

Ghosh in March 1998 considered reputation:

'Reputation management' was indeed in Jakob Nielsen's column in Feb 98:

The following page referred to it as 'a new buzz' in December 2000:

Yet it was already being written about by (normally laggardly) 
academics in Dec 98:
http://us.badm.washington.edu/kotha/personal/ pdf%20files/amr_final.PDF
(warning - PDF, and there may be an embedded space or two in there)

Paul Resnick (once of W3C) is running a research centre centred 
around the topic, whose Bibliography ties the idea back into what 
would seem to be a longstanding economics literature:

Interestingly though, Shapiro & Varian's 'Information Rules' (1999) 
barely mentions it.  Even more remarkably, 'The Cluetrain Manifesto' 
(1999) was all about it, but almost never mentions it: 

It's also not in the index of Rheingold's 'The Virtual Community' 
(1994), which very much surprised me.  The concept is embedded in the 
book though.

A technical approach is proposed in:
That paper refers back to Tim May's term "reputation capital" in a 
1994 cypherpunk paper 'Crypto Anarchy and Virtual Communities ', at:
"The whole area of digitally authenticated reputations, and the 
'reputation capital' that accumulates or is affected by the opinions 
of others, is an area that combines economics, game theory, 
psychology, and expectations. A lot more study is needed".
Unfortunately, that statement may be nearly as true now as it was then ...

My collated analysis of trust deals with reputation in various places:

Jas, thanks for reminding me that I needed to do this trawl!

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