[LINK] New wrinkle on scam spam

Adam Todd adam@todd.inoz.com
Wed, 19 Feb 2003 11:08:24 +1100

>Some funny details.
>a) Eventually traced the e-mail source down to India; a provider in Mumbai.
>Gee, I'd love fresh assurance that personal details weren't leaking out of
>call centres in far distant lands. Of course, that's a paranoid thought...

That's funny.

>c) I guess the approach to scamming the stupid would be the same as the
>Nigerian approach, "we have your fifteen million ready, you just need to pay
>the bank transaction fee of $15,000 and you'll be rich!" Or is there some
>other angle on this that I haven't considered?

I wrote back to one, having seen this very similar message.  I asked them 
as they had the cash ready for transfer could they just deduct the release 
fee from the winning and perhaps charge me an extra $1000 for the 
administration of such.  Clearly they have the funds to do this.

I didn't get a reply though, so I'm tempted to take my claim to the ACCC to 
seek a payment using Transjurisdictional laws :)