[LINK] Porkie in Copyright Evidence?

Chirgwin, Richard Richard.Chirgwin@informa.com.au
Wed, 19 Feb 2003 12:44:27 +1000

>Counsel for the companies, Mr Tony Bannon SC, said industry studies 
>of piracy had found public institutions such as universities and libraries 
>were the biggest repositories of unlawful sound recordings.

Hang on... Tony Bannon SC is (under instruction from his clients) almost
certainly quoting from US industry studies.

A little bit of searching - not much, I'll admit - but I can't find any
evidence to support the inclusion of public libraries, in Australia, in the
list of repositories of unlawful sound recordings. Can any Linker either
support or disprove this?

This, I believe is important; if an urban myth takes off that Australian
libraries are ripping off Sony et al, and if the urban myth goes
unchallenged into the public record - then I guess it doesn't take much
imagination to envisage a future in which these companies hold our public
library system to ransom.

For example, if the record industry succeeds in sequestering university data
on "maybe" evidence, what of public library data? What of the cost to
libraries of defending themselves?

Richard Chirgwin