[LINK] {OT} Walk against War - sunday in sydney -

Adam Todd adam@todd.inoz.com
Thu, 20 Feb 2003 09:40:48 +1100

At 08:41 20/02/03 +1100, Jan Whitaker wrote:
>At 12:53 PM 19/02/03 +1100, Mark Hughes wrote:
>>Unfortunately the UN is a bunch of politicians who make decisions based on
>>politics, rather than on principles.  If it worked on principles, it would
>>have no problems being proactive along the lines of:
>Unfortunately, that is the way of any government.  We've called it 
>selective application of the law. Note the various laws on the books that 
>will not be enforced by the police.

Police?  It's Councils too.  A local council "discretion" determines that 
On the Spot Fines under LAW and that Law aren't important for it to follow, 
however making up laws that don't exist are far more important to pursue.

Good thing we made Page five with a big photo.

>The concept that the UN makes decisions based on politics is totally 
>understandable.  Who do you think are the members?  General citizens with 
>common sense?

Politically selected people from the "Mates Bank"

I do feel however that as a Federal Election is looming, albeit distantly, 
and that the Opposition and lesser groups are starting to call for an early 
election, there may be a possibility of a push forward of a private bill to 
motion for or against war that might see Howards team outvoted on 
"conscious votes" and as such the bill might bounce a few times causing a 
double dissolution.  (Not that anyone in Australia isn't already double 

Someone did ask me last night "Why hasn't the Governor General done a 
Whitlam, seems to match the parameters to some degree?"

I only had one answer: "Can't do that, the GG was chased for months of 
Pedophilia allegations and Howard stood by him, we'll never know the truth 
of anything at this level."