[LINK] ACLU Challenges Wire-Tap Decision

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Thu, 20 Feb 2003 09:54:09 +1100

> > ACLU Challenges Wire-Tap Decision
> > The ACLU wants the Supreme Court to review a decision by a
> > secret U.S. court that makes it easier for the federal
> > government to conduct clandestine surveillance in national
> > security matters.
> >  http://www.wired.com/news/privacy/0,1848,57725,00.html
>What the heck is a democracy doing with a secret court?

It's called "Transparency"

>The court, composed of eleven federal district court judges appointed by
>the chief justice, convenes two days a month in Washington, D.C.

See totally transparent.  There are 11 senior Judges on it.

>Are we seeing the USA turn itself into a fundamentalist democracy,
>comparable with all those other fundamentalist religions?

Fundamentalist?  Democracy?  We've had little democracy in the world for 
decades now.  It's all "Elected" dictatorships.

>The trouble with (fundamentalist==extreme) anything is that belief takes
>over from (science==evidence), which is what separated the "developed"
>world of western civilisation from the religious millenia of the past.

You must be confused.  At NO time has Western Civilization been separated 
from the Religious indoctrination.

Look at the USA, God Fearing people, yet most act totally against God's 
laws.  They claim to be acting in God's Laws, but that's Satans rule.

Look at Australia.  The majority of people clearly feel that a war is not 
the solution or even a requirement.  In fact most seem to feel that 
supporting a war effort is a bad thing.  Nostradamus has made this clear 
and the prophecies are very close to time, give or take a few years.

Here, we have so many mixed cultures, many who call Australia Home, act as 
if Australia is Home, and yet, portions of our society preclude them.

Look at the mess in Baulkham Hills Shire with the application to build a 
Muslin Place of Worship by a local Muslum business man, on his own property.

1600 letters of objection were received, only four of agreement.  Of the 
1600, 500 were written by one person.  (Sets a nice precedent huh!)

The growing population in the area with tens of thousands of families 
moving into the new developed area (3000, 5000, 8000 new homes being built 
every 6 months) means more social issues and more traffic 
frustration.  (Roads have not been upgraded to cope with the 150,000 cars 
per day that travel on them.)

Muslums in the area have to travel to Eastwood or the city or Bankstown to 
do their daily, weekly or whatever they do in Worship and Education.  They 
are denied the right of that given freely to Christians, Catholics, Jews, 
Mormons, Seventh Day Adventist, Church of Christ, and so on.  In fact as 
far as I'm aware it's the only "religion" that hasn't facilities in the 
entire Shire.  Even the Raliens have been (were) granted free access to 
public property for a week long event in the upper Shire district.

So the reality is, closed doors, secret decisions that you don't find out 
about, but can be jailed if you don't follow (oxymoron there) and lack of 
public input are the keys to our current undemocratic social structure.

It's no wonder Saddam is sitting pretty, although probably worried, right 
now.  He has, without doing anything, (literally) divided the world.

Is there any truth in the "Bush Texas Oil to Control Iraq's Oil Production" 

>I find it somewhat amusing to see so many fundamentalist groups using
>products of the industrial, secular, societies they so despise. Loud
>speaker arrays that call the faithful to prayer, videos/DVDs used to pass
>on the messages of preachers denouncing the evil west. Radio, TV, mobile
>phones, email, banking systems etc etc.
>If it turns out that there is a God, I don't think that he's evil.
>But the worst that you can say about him is that basically
>he's an underachiever
>-- Woody Allen
>Bernard Robertson-Dunn
>Canberra Australia
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