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Jan Whitaker jwhit@melbpc.org.au
Thu, 20 Feb 2003 10:12:23 +1100

At 09:13 AM 20/02/03 +1000, Chirgwin, Richard wrote:
>But given the choice
>between the UN exercising international authority and the US ditto, I would
>choose the UN. Not because I want to burn effigies of Dubbya; but because no
>individual nation should exert supreme international power. Not even a
>country with the most saintly record can guarantee its future leaders.

Absolutely.  I have no major quarrel with the UN. I was just pointing out 
the reason it may be the way it is to Mark.  Principles are important, but 
they are implemented by human beings.  There will be ironies as well, with 
oppressive states being the rotating in chair of human rights 
committees.  That's how the process works.  Maybe they'll learn something 
by having that role that they may not have by just being another member.

BTW, today's Nyck Jeanns' Letter from New York
is a good read.....


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