[LINK] Any UK linkers help with this?

Chirgwin, Richard Richard.Chirgwin@informa.com.au
Mon, 24 Feb 2003 11:41:46 +1000


Over the last few days, one of the "hot" stories on the Internet has been
this research:

Now, I'm nowhere good enough to fault the reasoning or the mathematics.

But I'm interested in one of the reasons it's become such a hot topic -
which is that Citibank and Diners' apparently want to put a gag on the

(More links at: http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/users/mkb23/)

Fair enough, that's good enough to make a news story. However, I like
independent verification of anything I can possibly get ... and here's my
problem. The UK courts don't seem to keep a history of their court lists -
the website:
...only lets visitors view the current court lists, not an archive. 

Where would I look for UK court lists over the last week or so? Does anyone

Richard Chirgwin