[LINK] The Internet and the Iraq peace movement

Bill D'Arcy billd@lisp.com.au
Mon, 24 Feb 2003 12:42:26 +1100 (EST)

An observation. Not in my lifetime which takes in Australian military
adventures from Korea onwards have I seen the public rally so quickly and
so early in opposition. The invasion is yet to take place but already the
anti-war movement is organised to a point not reached by Vietnam War
opponents until three years after our involvement - six years if you take
our participation in Operation Phoenix into account. What's the difference
this time? The big difference this time, to me, is that we've not fallen
for the horseshit. Then the Yanks told the Menzies Government what to do
and the Menzies Government told Sir Frank and Sir Warwick what to say. We
nodded. This time the Yanks are telling the Howard Government what to do
and the Howard Government is certainly telling Rupert and Kerry what to
say. But I don't see anybody nodding. Why? It's the internet. We no longer
rely on Kerry and Rupert to tell us what the world looks like and how to
think. We read what we like, we write to whoever we like, we organise the
way we like, and we do it instantly. This is a powerful tool and it's going
to change politics.
Bill D'Arcy