[LINK] The Internet and the Iraq peace movement

Jan Whitaker jwhit@melbpc.org.au
Mon, 24 Feb 2003 15:57:13 +1100

At 11:42 AM 24/02/03 +1100, David Lochrin wrote:
>The Victorian Peace Network ( http://www.vicpeace.org ) had never ranked 
>until last week, when it surpassed all major Australian political Web 
>sites, HitWise found.

I finally found this site this morning when I sent looking. now I can't 
remember how I did it.  It is also getting a 5/10 rating from Google's page 
ranking.  Now I remember, I used the search terms "peace network Australia" 
and it came up.  There is a list of a whole bunch of marches/vigils etc 
over the coming weeks.


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