[LINK] Why so many of us think we're overtaxed

Chris Maltby chris@sw.oz.au
Tue, 25 Feb 2003 11:01:34 +1100

On Mon, Feb 24, 2003 at 09:55:25PM +1100, Saliya Wimalaratne wrote:
> I respectfully submit that we must offer some kinds of tangible rewards
> for keeping the intellectual abilities within this great country before
> *everyone* decides that the owner of the I.P. should reside within
> the B.V.I. I respectfully submit that Mr. Ross Gittins is incorrect. 
> My viewpoint is skewed, I know that - but present me with alternatives !

As Mr Gittins implies, taxation is a matter of perception as much as
anything. You obsess about the amount of money going "out" of your pay
packet, but you're not looking at what you get in both tangible and
intangible benefits for it. Yes, there's the dole, but there's also
a pretty fair public health system and a large number of government
services you just don't get in the USA (though our present government
has other ideas about their desirability). I could go on...

So it's definitely a glass half full or half empty scenario if you ask
me. Now all we need to do is convince the tycoons to pay their share
without grumbling...