[LINK] Spam site using Government Logos

Ed Parsons ed@tigersnake.com
Tue, 25 Feb 2003 12:44:18 +1100

I received a spam today for a site purportedly helping Australian trade 
and promotion. Visiting the site reveals the use of several high profile 
logos and emblems from Government departments.

eg: Austrade, the ATO, Dept of Foreign Affairs and more.

I suspect they are using these logos and emblems to make themselves look 
official although they do have a disclaimer down the bottom of the front 
page which reads "This site is a non-government site and recieves zero 

I wonder how the departments concerned deal with this type of misuse of 
official logos and images ?

a copy of the email is below

> From: "Gary" <musicpress@iprimus.com.au>
> Date: Tue Feb 25, 2003  12:06:07  PM Australia/Melbourne
> Subject: Regional and Rural Australian resources
> Hello!
> The Australian Regional and Rural classifieds is an initiative 
> undertaken to introduce those from Regional and Rural Australia to the 
> World.
> Whilst we do cater for trading post type classifieds we specifically 
> encourage those from sporting, arts, social and community groups too 
> expose them selves to the world. Regional Australia is not small, 
> Australia is. With a population fewer than 20 million we encourage you 
> to promote your self or service to combined populations of over 750 
> million Worldwide.
> Please test-drive the site before we launch on Wednesday 26th Feb 2003. 
> If you are happy please spread the word.
> <http://www.asbi.net/cgi-bin/suite/classifieds/classifieds.cgi>
> Gary McDonald