[LINK] Where did they get it?

Howard Lowndes lannet@lannet.com.au
Tue, 25 Feb 2003 16:31:15 +1100 (EST)

Does anyone know where the ABC got this story from.  A Google search turns 
up nothing and I can't believe that the ABC is so up to date that they 
know of a new virus before the industry does.


"Revamped computer virus spreads across the globe

Computer security experts are warning of a revamped computer worm 
spreading around the Internet.

The Luvgate worm is new version of an older damaging bug.

The mass mailing and network worm is spreading rapidly in Europe, Asia 
and Australia.

Luvgate also has a backdoor component, which steals passwords and allows 
unauthorised access to infected computers."

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