[LINK] Where did they get it?

Greg Taylor gtaylor@efa.org.au
Tue, 25 Feb 2003 17:33:19 +1000

At 04:31 PM 25/02/03 +1100, Howard Lowndes wrote:
>Does anyone know where the ABC got this story from.  A Google search turns
>up nothing and I can't believe that the ABC is so up to date that they
>know of a new virus before the industry does.
 > ..

Which industry would that be?  If you mean the ISP industry, that's not 
representative of the IT industry generally.  And just because you don't 
know something doesn't mean "the industry" doesn't.

If you are relying on the geeks on the aussie-isp list for such 
information, you may want to consider using more professional sources.   I 
got an advice from Trend at 8am this morning.