OFF TOPIC - Re: [LINK] Why so many of us think we're overtaxed

Antony Barry
Tue, 25 Feb 2003 22:38:13 +1100

On Tuesday, February 25, 2003, at 05:05 PM, Frank O'Connor wrote:

> 2. There is little or no accountability for the disposition of the 
> revenue raised.

I disagree.

They are called the budget papers which get examined by Estimates 
Committees of the Parliament. They are called Auditor-Generals reports. 
They are called  annual reports of departments and statuary bodies 
which are tabled in Parliament and may get debated should problems 

All these things are published. In 1974 when I was working for AGPS I 
shipped a Tonne of budget papers out of Canberra the morning after the 
budget and they were all sold by lunch time.

In the end members of Parliament are accountable and we get to vote for 
them and chuck them out if we are unhappy.


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