[LINK] Where did they get it?

Chirgwin, Richard Richard.Chirgwin@informa.com.au
Wed, 26 Feb 2003 08:07:55 +1000

A great idea for Google's next feature: homophone search, to resolve the
confusion between "luvgate" and "lovegate"! In return, I note that because
of Auntie's spelling error, Google can't find Lovegate on abc.net.au...

Not much of a virus by the way: just another user IQ test with backdoor and

However, I note one startling characteristic: Lovegate.C includes an SMTP

If it finds an unsecured account on the target machine - like guest or
administrator - it sends the info back to its source. However, instead of
trying to use something like Outlook to "phone home", its SMTP engine
launches the session directly. Is this a new "feature"?


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> > A Google search turns
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> if it's breaking news google may not yet have visited and 
> indexed any pages
> mentioning it, although ... news.google.com would be quicker, 
> and now with
> google buying blogger they will be able to spot rising memes 
> even faster
> than blogdex.
> e.
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