[LINK] Where did they get it?

Ash Nallawalla nospam@crm911.com
Wed, 26 Feb 2003 11:28:01 +1100

> From: Chirgwin, Richard

> A great idea for Google's next feature: homophone search, to 
> resolve the confusion between "luvgate" and "lovegate"! In 
> return, I note that because of Auntie's spelling error, 
> Google can't find Lovegate on abc.net.au...

Google now has many instances of Lovegate but has probably not spidered
the ABC site since the outbreak.  

It has long had a "Did you mean" (NO! I CAN SPELL, says me) offering
which it runs when it finds nothing using your spelling.  Try "richard
chigwin".  A soundex *option* would be nice.  Virus writers who can
spell would also be nice -- no, strike that out.

- Ash