FW: Re: the rich and corporate parasites Re: [LINK] Why so many of us think we're overtaxed

Deus Ex Machina vicc@cia.com.au
Wed, 26 Feb 2003 18:05:11 +1100

hartr@interweft.com.au [hartr@interweft.com.au] wrote:
> On 26 Feb, Deus Ex Machina wrote:
> > sorry socialism/communism has failled everywhere its been tried. there is still
> > inequality and there are still people that want priveldges and power and wealth.
> > trying to suppress this on a large scale has never really worked.
> Bing - incorrect.
> 1) Socialism != Communism
> 2) There is good evidence that socialism has not failed. The social
>    safety net system in our country (and the strong support for it from
>    our people, if not our current government) is but one example of the
>    continued success of and belief in socialist principles.

perhaps but imo left wing/right wing and most-isms have little relavence
in our future.

the facts are capitalism is the dominant paradigm of our times, no country
can thrive in isolation from the global economy. this is not going to change in
any foresable term.

given this then fostering and enthasising an intelectual capital based economy
will have a much greater impact on the quality of our lives then if some socialist
principals have or not survived the idealogical bloodbath of the last century.

personally I think our democracy is closer to voluntary fascism, look at howards insistance
on plunging us into war against popular opinion. but even that is irrelavent in the long term.

imo australia will only be the lucky country again if our government starts to really develop
and I mean >really develop< our brain power.