[LINK] More on the Music Industry

Eric Scheid eric.scheid@ironclad.net.au
Mon, 24 Feb 2003 17:42:16 +1100

On 24/2/03 4:09 PM, "Chris Maltby" <chris@sw.oz.au> wrote:

> I think a lot of "popular" artists would be irritated to think
> that the returns on their creative product were being diverted
> to subsidise other non-commercial product (note: this is not
> to make a value judgement about the "quality" of the different
> kinds of material).

On a related note*, there's a bit of a stink in South Australia today:
they've had a tax on pokies in pubs and there was a bit of legislation
pushed thru that said the funds from that were to be spent supporting "live

So what does sa.gov.au do? They sling the money to the Symphony Orchestra.

Live music? Yes.
Pushed out of pub venues by the oppressive jangle of pokies? No.

A spiteful interpretation of the letter of the law? Yes.
A big stink in the contemporary music industry? Yes.


* no pun intended