[LINK] what is on and off topic for Link?

Ash Nallawalla nospam@crm911.com
Thu, 27 Feb 2003 01:23:04 +1100

> Why is I get chastised months ago for posting something
> vaguely relating to the list, but definitely not entirely 
> off-topic, but others are allowed to freely post on topics 

IIRC you post usually about censorship - not sure if you are for or agin
it.  As I delete most of these by the subject lines and often by the
name of the poster, I don't know why or when you got chastised.  Start
posting followups on every topic discussed here and you'll be able to
slip in your on-topic posts now and then with ease. :-)

> such as anti-war marches, rich and corporate parasites
> (although I've not looked at it since in the subject the 
> original poster thoughtfully noted it was 'off topic') and 
> various other topics which have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with 
> Link and its aims?

Link passed its peak 3-4 years ago when a more diverse set of people
posted on topic.  Some still seem to be subscribers but are mainly
lurkers.  Is Stewart Fist still around?  I was also wondering about
Grant Bayley and noted that he is still around. :-)

ObLink: What is the background to Professor Klerphel who seems to create
great mirth here at the mention of his name?  :-)

- Ash