The Irish hi-tech miracle (Was: RE: [LINK] Re: OFF TOPIC Re: the rich and corporate parasites)

Deus Ex Machina
Thu, 27 Feb 2003 09:29:38 +1100

Chirgwin, Richard [] wrote:
> >companies compete for every dollar they earn. (excluding monopolies 
> >like telstra)
> >so why should government not have to compete for tax dollars?
> ???
> I don't mind the topic being off topic. But when someone criticizes an
> argument by misconstruing it, I find it either frustrating or confusing. 
> I did't comment on governments competing for tax dollars. I noted that
> Ireland had fostered a particular fiscal dependency which is breaking down
> now; Silicon Valley is packing up and going home. The decision-makers, you
> see, are still somewhere else, not in Ireland.

and your point is? that there was something wrong with creating employment
for 10% of the work force? should ireland focus on creating an inefficient welfare state instead
of creating employment and GDP? its not me miscontruing anything its you being
so focused on some obscure perceived value in a high tax rate system that to question
wether this has any fundamental validity seems to be heresy. or in your words some
sort of "holiday" from the normal. I beg to differ.

I dont understand where your priorities are, should governemnt focus on hands out or
should the government focus on making the country as a first step become productive?

yes there has been a tech-crash, yes ireland has been effected but that in no way
undermines the remarkable result ireland has acheived.

allow me to restate it, slashing unemployment from 16% to under 5%, doubling GDP
and slashing tax rates. wheres the problem? is it that you old socialists
cant face the fact that big benevolent government has been shown to be obsolete? :)

> The tax holiday is a stupid approach to the complex
> investment/education/employment issue. Eventually, the beneficiaries do what
> all beneficiaries of corporate welfare do: they come to government with
> their hands out, saying "give us more or we leave". The same game is played
> inter-state in the US (and here).

lol there is nothing benevelent about high taxing regimes. there is nothing
"welfare"ish about asking not to be taxed so high, and there is nothing wrong with
expecting and demanding greater government efficiency and >accountability<
and god forbid competition for its tax dollars.

you seem to be implying there is a necessary amount
of tax we and more to the point corporates should be paying. I dont agree, high tax
rates were created to fund world wars. the wars are over but the addiction remains.

massive social and infrastructure inefficiency is fostered by big spending governments.

government waste make the biggest corporate losses look like a school fete.

the biggest australian government expenses are plain and simple: hand outs and the administration thereof.
thats roughly 100billion a year, if just a few percent of this money was spent on developing
the infrastrature for an intelectual capital based economy, everyone would benefit far more IMO.