[LINK] what is on and off topic for Link?

Adam Todd adam@todd.inoz.com
Thu, 27 Feb 2003 09:29:50 +1100

>Most probably there are other reasons, but possibly not quite like the ones
>you might readily suspect.
>David, or that I started and you responded to), my perception over the past
>2 years or so is that it is not the actual topic of messages to the list
>that usually brings "chastisement", it is whether or not list participants
>engage in debate on a particular issue, and that debate becomes to some

Irene, it's simpler than that, it depends on whether you are a vocal person 
or not!  It doesn't matter so much whether you post an off topic subject, 
because just about everyone on this list tends to use the list, although 
mostly on topic, because that's where the interest lies, but also to share 
those few things that are curiosities.

I like the occasional "curiosity" it lets me learn more about the poster, 
what they like, what they look for and how they find things in their 
lives.  That helps me understand their point of view (wether aligned or not 
to mine) when discussing an ON TOPIC subject.

Of course some on this list are incredible debators, and I've noted in the 
past, that some of these debators have a habit of stirring the pot a little 
to raise the discussion level.  In one six month period one link poster 
swapped views entirely just to keep the attention on the topic, then six 
months later swung again.  I was rather amused!  I'll admit quite openly 
that often I write not on my point of view, but what seems to be A point of 
view - something ANU chastised me about when I sat my Mature Aged Entrance 
exam, because instead of being a "good student" and writing what the marker 
wanted to read, I wrote from showing the perspectives of the two parties to 
the issue and from an outside observer - it was a "Recent Media" topic at 
the time.

I don't mind Tony Chastising me.  I do however mind the other dweebs with 
less intelligent doing so.  (I say that quite firmly.)

So David, you keep your postings up and going, I always find your antics 
and articles interesting and seek your name when browsing the enormous LINK 
influx each day after I finish shooting film or building sets.  Ditto with 
Irene and quite a few others.  I'll admit I skip over a few of Tony's posts 
(smile) because he give them fairly clear topics and some just don't 
interest me, although I always seem to roll back days later and find myself 
required to read them to know what the hell has been going on on the 
list!  Only problem is Tony has a personality Disorder at times and 
consuses me!  (Antony -v- Tony)

A list of some of the other people I seek for:  Bernard who should write a 
book, Richard C, Richard A, Saliya, Bob Bains, ALWAYS Danny Yee, Most of 
Hawards, Most of Ed Parsons, Ash of course, Jan Whitaker cause she's always 
funny, Josh Rowe, Grant Bayley, and sweet Ann Moffatt who has an uncanny 
way of being totally blunt!

I'm sure there are a few others, but that's a quick list and enough reading 
on a daily basis.  I also appreciate the private threads that erupt between 
Linkers and the shared private news and stories.  It's nice to know in 
their busy lives I rate at least a Carbon Copy!

I as going to list a few people I don't read, but I see little point in 
doing that.

So David, don't worry about it :)  Tony's bark is worse than his bite, but 
it can be very loud in yuor INBOX!