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Craig Sanders cas@taz.net.au
Thu, 27 Feb 2003 11:52:13 +1100

On Wed, Feb 26, 2003 at 05:40:06PM +1100, Deus Ex Machina wrote:
> globalisation is doing just that, ineficient and overtaxing
> governments that dont provide the benefits to individuals and
> corporations will loose out to governments that do.

sorry, these benefits of globalisation are NOT available to individuals.
they are available only to corporations.

for example: imagine you are an iraqi or afghani (or pretty much any
non-white and non-rich individual) and wish to benefit from
globalisation by relocating your "asset base" to australia.  you'll
spend a few months in transit, risk death on an over-crowded boat, then
spend anywhere from a few months to several years in a concentration
camp, deprived of your liberty, demonised as an "illegal immigrant" and
"queue-jumper"(*) and subjected to humiliating psychological torture
(e.g. being sent misleading letters implying that the government is
negotiating a deal to send you back to the country you fled in fear of
your life).

the form of "globalisation" that many people are protesting is of
benefit only to corporations.  it is a program of tying up governments
with enforced agreements (sign or face WTO sanctions) to strip a nation
of their sovereign rights.  there have been many variations on the
theme, but they all basically boil down to allowing multi-national
corporations(**) to trump local laws regarding OH&S, wages, conditions,
environment, etc with some international treaty or trade agreement that
lets them do whatever they want.

e.g. Monsanto has a habit of suing governments around the world for
implementing the will of the people they were elected to represent by
banning genetically modified organisms.  Monsanto sues on the grounds
that it is an unfair restraint of trade.  some apologists think that's
perfectly OK.  i'd *love* to see certain individuals in, say, Colombia,
sue the US government in the WTO for the unfair trade restrictions
against their cocaine - if it's OK for the US to ban cocaine, then why
isn't it OK for Europe (or Australia) to ban GMOs?


(*) what "queue"?  there isn't one.
(**) i.e. mostly US mega-corporations.

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