[LINK] what is on and off topic for Link?

George Bray listoid@linkalarm.com
Thu, 27 Feb 2003 12:46:28 +1100

>>lurkers.  Is Stewart Fist still around?

I visited him six months ago, at the time he was noting the speed of 
his 56K modem connection had deteriorated due to the number of DSL 
lines in the road. Our conversation then roamed to wireless and grid 
network radio propagation. Stewart is the everyman voice in Oz 

You can catch his wisdom in the Australian on Tuesdays, most weeks now.

As for on and off topic, I think if the thread is clearly marked OFF 
TOPIC skimmers and filterers can dip in as necessary. Heated 
participants will get extra points for steering the conversation 
toward the stated subject matter of link.

The value of out-of band discourse is higher when new ON TOPIC ideas 
are generated, viz RC's focus to Ireland tech industrialisation is 
within the wide Net/ICT/AU scope LINK caters for.

Professor Klerphel is the pen name for Link Institute fame. Many 
Linkers have written about his incredible internet discoveries in the 
guise of mock press releases. As Link is a virtual forum, nobody has 
ever met him, but the word is he invented spam and is living as a mad 
scientist somewhere at the ANU.