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Viveka listmail@karmanaut.com
Thu, 27 Feb 2003 13:14:39 +1100

>A method and system for conducting an electronic discussion relating 
>to a topic. The discussion system of the present invention receives 
>a selection of an item that is to be the topic of the discussion. 
>The discussion system then receives comments relating to the 
>selected item and generates a message that includes a description of 
>the selected item and the received comments. The discussion system 
>then sends the generated message to participants of the discussion. 
>The discussion system receives from a participant who received the 
>generated message additional comments that are to be added to the 
>generated message. The discussion system sends the generated message 
>along with received additional comments to the participants of the 

1. Of course it's neither novel nor non-obvious, so it shouldn't have 
been awarded a patent, but I seem to recall that the US patent office 
has given up examining patent applications due to lack of resources, 
so they'll now rubberstamp anything that comes across their desk, 
leaving the courts to deal with the mess...

2. Patents are specific - this patent doesn't cover Link, or any 
other discussion system that doesn't work in exactly the way 
described above (or, I think, a superset of that description?)

On the other hand, this does look like a pretty concise description 
of (a subset of) the Slash system (as developed by Slashdot, and used 
by them and others)...

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