[LINK] Govt cyber-gambling debt problems

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Thu, 27 Feb 2003 15:27:12 +1100

Govt cyber-gambling debt problems
Don Woolford
FEBRUARY 27, 2003  
The Australian
THE federal government has struck problems trying to stop Australian
gamblers' debts to foreign online casino operators being collected.

The government had not used its regulatory powers to make such debts
unenforceable, an options paper released by Communications Minister Richard
Alston said. The paper is part of a review of the government's
controversial Interactive Gambling Act which bans Australian and foreign
operators from offering online poker machines and casino-style games to

The law, which came into force in 2001, angered some state and territory
governments which had licensed operators to provide online gambling.

The paper, which seeks submissions on a range of interactive gambling
issues, said the act allowed the government to make regulations that meant
an agreement to pay money for an illegal interactive gambling service had
no effect.

But because of the complexities and uncertainties, none had been made


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