[LINK] California Digital Library talk, Canberra, 5 March

Tom Worthington tomw2@ozemail.com.au
Thu, 27 Feb 2003 02:37:51 +1100

This free talk at the ANU library should be of interest to those into 
e-stuff. It is in the McDonald Room 
<http://anulib.anu.edu.au/clusters/ap/buildings/menzies_ground.html> of the 
R. G. Menzies Building <http://anulib.anu.edu.au/clusters/ap/buildings>.

>From: "Colin Steele" <Colin.Steele@anu.edu.au>
>Roy Tennant, Manager E-Scholarship, the California Digital Library, 
>University of California, will give a talk in the McDonald Room, R G 
>Menzies Room at 12.30pm on Wednesday 5 March on "California E-Scholarship 
>and the California Digital Library".  All welcome.  Grateful if you could 
>publicise in your area.
>For Roy's resume please see:

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