[LINK] Governments versus Peoples

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Governments versus Peoples
by Scott  Burchill
February 26, 2003


Contains -

> According to Patrick Tyler in The New York Times, President Bush and 
> the coalition which is preparing to re-landscape Mesopotamia now face 
> a "tenacious new adversary" - the public (17 Feb 03). They just won't 
> buy the Administration's arguments. According to Tyler, we're heading 
> into a new bipolar world with two superpowers: the US (meaning the 
> government in Washington) and public opinion. It's a development which 
> raises uncomfortable questions about the state of representative 
> government in the liberal democracies.
> One of the remarkable features of the moment is the extraordinary 
> linkages and solidarity which are being established by people around 
> the world in total disregard - and in some cases in defiance - of 
> their governments. Opposition to the war is increasingly unmediated by 
> government and mainstream information sources, thanks largely to the 
> internet where individuals can access arguments and details which 
> would never see the light of day in a broadsheet newspaper. 
> Governments cannot filter the dissemination of information or control 
> the debate, and are left to demonise their opponents.

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