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On Fri, 28 Feb 2003, Chirgwin, Richard wrote:

> Linkers, a little while back we discussed electromagnetic pulses as
> munitions. A friend who specialises in defence writing sent me this link:
> http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/systems/munitions/hpm.htm
> I note with interest that, near the bottom, the effective radius of a 2000lb
> microwave munition is given as 200 metres (heaven knows why they mix
> imperial and metric!). That's a lot of energy for not much reach...

Don't complain about mixing units, try aviation.

Height is in feet against a variable baro pressure until 10,000' when it
bocome Flight Levels against a standard baro pressure.

Distance is in metres up to 10 km then it is km, but for navigation it is 
in nautical miles.

Atmos pressure is in Hectopascals (or is that Hecta) but tyre pressures 
are in Kilo pascals or pound per sq foot depening on how old the sircraft 

Horizontal airspeed is in knots (nautical miles per hour) but vertical 
airspeed is in feet per sec or metres per sec depending upon your aircraft 

Fuel is in litres, kilos, lbs, Imp gallons or US gallons, which caused the 
problem with the Gimli glider, an Air Canada 767 that made an engine out 

There are probably many others I have missed.

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