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Fwd: AARNet IPv6 Migration Broker experimental (free) service

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AARNet News 10 November 2003

AARNet IPv6 Migration Broker experimental service

AARNet has acquired a Hexago migration broker and it is
now available as an experimental (best effort) service. This
device can be used to automatically create IPv6 over IPv4
tunnels to provide IPv6 connectivity to devices that are
otherwise isolated from the IPv6 part of the Internet.

The broker can also assign networks and route them down
the tunnel so that LANs can be connected but it does not
support any routing protocol exchange. While it can also
create reverse DNS records for the tunnels it creates this
functionality hasn't been configured yet.

Also note it's IPv4 address will change when we roll out 
AARNet3 in the next couple of months so be prepared to 
change configuration files.

AARNet management are happy to make this service freely 
available, for at least a trial period, to the whole of the
Australian Internet community in order to help promote 
IPv6 use. People (and organisations) outside of Australia 
are encouraged to use Freenet6 or another closer service.
In order to use the service you will need to obtain TSP 
software for your platform from the Freenet6 site 

and then register with the broker 


The documentation on the broker is very sparse but you 
can reference Freenet6 for more information about TSP.

Published by: 
George McLaughlin 
AARNet Pty Ltd (ABN 54 084 540 518) 
Post: GPO Box 1559, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia 
Tel: (02) 6222 3531 (international: +61 2 6222 3535) 
Email: inquiries at aarnet.edu.au 
Web: http://www.aarnet.edu.au/
Copyright (C) AARNet Pty Ltd, 2003 
Unlimited rights are granted to AARNet member institutions.

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AARNet offers IPv6 broker 

A FREE, experimental IPv6 "migration broker" has been announced,
which will allow Australians on IPv4 internet connections to test applications
for the newer internet protocol. 


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