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Thu Jun 1 10:42:16 EST 2006

On 2006 May 31, at 12:54 PM, Tom Worthington wrote:
> At 11:07 AM 5/31/2006, Karl Auer wrote:
>> ... People WILL NOT plan ordinary trips. ...
> Perhaps Canberra is different, but on Tuesday I saw a whole lot of  
> people planning to catch the number 33 bus from Civic. I know they  
> were planning to catch it as they turned up at the bus stop just  
> before the bus was due and started looking annoyed just after it  
> was due but had not arrived.  ;-)

Yeah, that's how you have to do it in Canberra.  Need I add, because  
we have a stuffed public transport system.

> My plan was only formulated when I walked up to the bus stop a few  
> minutes before. The next bus was not due for ten minutes so I went  
> and borrowed a book from the library while waiting. I wouldn't have  
> minded the bus being late if the system had SMSed me in the library  
> to tell me and offered a discounted reserved seat 15 minutes later.
>> Zurich solved it by researching how long people would wait if they  
>> had no idea when the next tram would come - then setting the time  
>> between trams to half that. It works extremely well. ...
> That is the way a "metro" works: without a timetable but with  
> frequent services. But it only works where you have a high  
> population density. You couldn't run it, for example, to an outer  
> Canberra suburb, or even rural India <http://www.tomw.net.au/travel/ 
> india.shtml>.

Lots of small buses or even car sized buses?  I see so many huge  
empty buses driving around Canberra, seems such a waste.

> Come to think of it a multi hire taxi in India looks much like one  
> at Canberra Airport: the driver shouts out at the queue of people  
> "anyone for Belconnen?". People then shout back: "yes: Kalieen?".  
> Whoever got in the Taxi first sits there waiting for the driver to  
> put together a load. Surely we could have something more high tech  
> than that.
> ps: That gives me an idea. ...

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